Gerard Stratos

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Colours and Finishes

Combining a flat plane with continuous but irregular grooves gives Gerard Stratos a recurring but slightly organic pattern that works with many styles of home.
Pitch - min./max. 15-90°
Overall length 1320 mm
Length of cover 1250 mm
Width of cover 370 mm
Upstand 27 mm
Roof cover/tile 0.46 m²
Tiles/ m2 2.2
Weight/tile Texture 3.0 kg
Weight/ tile Smooth 2.1 kg
Weight/ m² Texture 6.6 kg
Weight/ m² Smooth 4.7 kg
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Gerard Roof Trims

All three of Gerard's trims - Angle, Barrel, and Box are compatible with Gerard Stratos.

Gerard Angle Trim

Gerard Barrel Trim

Gerard Box Trim

Download Stratos fact sheet